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Scott Hendrix

About Scott

I am a first year MBA student at Carnegie Mellon University, Tepper School of Business with 9 years of experience spanning Operations, Project Mgmt. and Business Strategy seeking a summer 2020 internship.


Scott’s Background

I have over 9 years of experience working in operations, project management, analytics and business development.  Over my career I have generated substantial revenues and efficiency-improvements through the projects I have implemented.

Prior to Carnegie Mellon, I was the Director of Operations at LCN, where I led a cross-functional team of 2 ops employees as well as our sales and technical teams.  I built toolsets and repeatable processes that the company now relies on, and helps them better serve customers and understand the business impact of their decisions. 

I also worked with the company P&L, and was responsible for budgets and the analysis of business strategy, which I accomplished through data-driven consideration.

If you catch me outside of school, I’m a musician – classical piano and guitar – and love rock climbing.

Competencies: Python, Big Data, Workflow Automation/Middleware, SQL, Salesforce, machine learning, TensorFlow, Business Intelligence, Tableau


 Strong technical background and philosophy of always learning more 

Technical Expertise

Python    >>    Numpy, Pandas, scikit



Microsoft Excel   >>    data analysis, modeling

cloud computing    >>    AWS, Azure, GCP

General API Usage


Market research

Customer analysis


What I am studying

To complement my 9 years of work experience, I am specializing in a technical track, Business Analytics, which will allow me to make even more impactful data-driven decisions, as well as concentrating in Finance and Strategy to support those decisions in larger organizations.

CMU’s MBA Analytics, and Operations Research programs are ranked top 2 in the world

Business Analytics


Operations research






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